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The CLUB-M is a multifunctional mobile coastal missile system designed to destroy the following target types:
– antiship missiles against various types of surface ships (both individual and within a group) in the conditions of organized enemy countermeasures;
– missiles against ground targets – stationary objects on enemy territories (administrative and economic centers, munition depots and petrochemical storages, command centers, port and airfield infrastructures, etc.).
Every self-propelled launcher accommodates up to 6 (six) missiles in transporter-launcher containers (TLC).

The active and passive radar detection channels ensure flexible detection including invisible detection. The detection range is 250 km max in the active mode and 450 km max in the passive mode. Also, the system is capable of obtaining operational information from external reconnaissance and target indication facilities.
Target-destruction effectiveness is achieved by firing with both single missiles from any launcher and salvos from several launchers.

- Secrecy and mobility
- Sea surface and land targets hitting
- Employment of Club missiles family

Club-M is a multipurpose mobile coastal missile system developed by the Morinformsistema-Agat Concern JSC in cooperation with the Novator Experimental Design Bureau JSC and the Special-Purpose Engineering Design Bureau JSC. Club-M is intended for engaging the sea surface targets of different classes and types (both single and in a group) in the controlled countermeasures environment, as well as fixed facilities within the enemy's territory (administrative and economic centers, armories, petroleum product depots, command posts, ports infrastructure, aerodromes, etc.).

Combat capabilities of the system are considerably increased by the active and passive radar channels of target detection. The system may also receive online information from the external (ship-based, airborne, etc.) sources.

Missile preparation and launch equipment (developed by the concern) enables missiles control, routing and fixation to targets, computation and entry of the flight missions.

Centralized fire control ensures target designation and the optimal target distribution between the launchers depending on their readiness status and location in the launch area. Both single and salvo launches of the missiles by different launchers are possible if there are artificial and natural obstacles on the flight route.

Club-M incorporates:

* 3M-54E, 3M-54E1 antiship missiles and 3M-14E ground-target missiles fixed in transport-launch canisters;

* control and communication vehicles; maintenance vehicles;

* self-propelled launchers and launcher transporters (each carries up to six missiles in the container-launcher);

* ground maintenance equipment and training aids;

* APPZ-E flight-mission preparation equipment for the 3M-14E missiles with the appropriate software.

Cross-country wheeled chassis carrying the combat equipment ensures mobility of the system and its operability in coastal areas in any weather conditions and at different ambient temperatures.

Club-M is easily modified in terms of the connection of various communication channels and information systems, integration into the global system of


3M-54E - Anti-shipping variant, Basic length 8.22 m, with a 200 kg warhead. Range is 220 km. Sea-skimmer with supersonic terminal speed and flight altitude of 15 feet (4.6 m) at final stage


3M-54E1 - Anti-shipping variant, Basic length 6.2 m, with a 400 kg warhead. Range is 300 km. Sea-skimmer with subsonic terminal speed. Allegedly capable of disabling or even sinking an aircraft carrier.


3M-14E - Inertial guidance land attack variant. Basic length 6.2 m, with a 400 kg warhead. Range is 275 km. Subsonic terminal speed.

Combat use of the Club-M system

ЗМ-54E - a three-stage cruise missile with a solid-fuel booster, a subsonic sustainer with a turbojet bypass engine and a separable supersonic war stage with a solid-fuel accelerator.

ЗМ-54E1 and ЗМ-14E - two-stage cruise missiles with a solid- fuel booster, a subsonic sustainer with a turbojet bypass engine.

Missile type




Container launcher: length, mm diameter, mm weight with missile, kg

8,300 620 2,490

6,240 620 2,030

6,240 620 2,030

Warhead type

high-explosive penetrating

high-explosive penetrating


Warhead weight, kg




Range, km

Flight range

12.5 to 15 - 220


12.5 - 15 - 275 (under nominal conditions)
up to 300

up to 275 (under nominal conditions)
up to 300

Target accuracy, m

direct hit

direct hit

50 to 100 (at 20 level); 20 to 50 -at radio contrast targets

Sustainer altitude, m

20 - main; up to 400 -at vertical climb for target search

20 - main; up to 400 -at vertical climb for target search

20 - oversea; 50 to 150-overland

Sustainer speed, m/s

180 to 240

180 to 240

180 to 240

War stage:

missile range, km

up to 20



speed, m/s

at least 700



Target approach

altitude, m

5 to 10

5 to 10


Note. Upon agreement with the customer, the ЗМ-14E missile can be fitted with the GPS and GLONASS navigation equipment. The system can be supplied in various configurations and on various chassis.

protection against sea strikes, and increase of its strike power.

Comparison of Club-M and ATACMS (USA) missile systems combat characteristics proves a number of advantages of the Russian version, namely:

* target accuracy;

* range of the targets engaged;

* power of the warhead;

* number of the missiles on the self-propelled launcher and its cruising range;

* reconnaissance equipment as a part of the system.

Club-M requires two to four

Monolit B
Coastal Defense Missile System / Typhoon, Russia

Typhoon JSC displayed the Monolit B coastal surface and air surveillance system, which is designed to support coastal defense batteries that fire Club M and Uran (SS-NX-27) missiles. Monolit B utilizes a ground based or aerial radar to detect and acquire targets. The system can also operate in quiet mode, employing two radars operating in receive-only mode, to "fix" target location by triangulation.

The system can detect up to 50 targets over the horizon at ranges of up to 250 km in passive mode, and up to 450 km in active mode. It can designate up to 10 targets simultaneously. In active mode the system can simultaneously handle up to 30 targets.

In passive mode the system can detect as many as 50 targets ‘over the horizon’ at ranges up to 250km and handle up to 10 targets simultaneously. In active mode detection range can be up to 450km and as many as 30 targets can be handled simultaneously.

This capability is especially useful with the Uran/Club M, which is a family of relatively inexpensive fire and forget cruise missiles that are usually fired in salvos. During the targeting phase the target's parameters (type, location, etc) are processed by the fire control system and fed to the missile, which is then launched toward the target. Each missile follows a different course to reach a position where the target can be acquired by its on-board sensor. This allows multiple missiles to execute a "ripple attack" from different directions.

The Uran missile is a relatively small sub-sonic sea-skimmer, which can engage targets at ranges of up to 250 km. The Monolit / Uran/Club M system uses common transporters, launcher vehicles, communications and C3 systems to accommodate three different missiles – the 3M-54E anti-ship missile, with supersonic terminal stage, 3M-54E1 anti-ship subsonic missile, or the 3M-14E land attack missile. The range of Club M is specified as up to 275 km although it is believed to be extendable by making a tradeoff between warhead weight and fuel capacity. Another Monolit compatible system is the 130mm Bereg E coastal artillery system, which is also called Titan. Bereg E consists of self-propelled guns with a range of 20 - 23 km (depending on type of gun and ammunition). Bereg E can engage multiple targets with a hit probability of 80% and can eliminate typical targets at sea within 1 – 2 minutes.


Author: Yevgeny Novikov
Yevgeny Novikov, Director General and Chief Designer of the Morinformsistema-Agat Concern JSC


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di test

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PostSubyek: Re: TNI HARUS PUNYA SISTEM PERTAHANAN PANTAI.   Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:56 pm

klo yg ini sih kynya mesti TOT dl deh,susah ngembangin sendiri.....
bnyk tahapnya tuh klo mw sendiri ky gitu
kembangin teknologi roket (kita masi fase awal)
teknologi chip dan sensor pengatur roket (kita blm menguasai)
radar,kita blm bs membuat radar jarak jauh untuk kepentingan militer,rudal seperti ini hrs punya radar sendiri yg bs mobile dan dipindah kemana mana (untuk kepentingan sipil dan pelayaran kita punya ISRA,tp radar ini tidak cocok buat kepentingan militer ms perlu bnyk pengembangan untuk dirubah ke versi militer)
DANAAAAAA DAN KEMAUAANNNN...... fase 4 ini yg dr dulu susssssaaaaah sekali heran........ tongue
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